zondag 29 september 2013

Bicyle gear, Pinion

Lots of developments in bicycle gearing the last couple of years.
The Pinion system has an almost lateral approach as they decided to put the gearing where the force is put unto the bicycle, the "pinion"
Their website.

I like there approach a lot and tests seem to show it works briliantly, with a belt drive this could be close to the ideal bicycle with current technology.

In their favour:
- excellent gear placement
- sequential shifting
- shiften both under power and while standing
- good weight distrubution
- sealed system.

Not so favourable:
- needs spcial frame
- expensive
- still a startup, so how will it be in a couple of years..

donderdag 26 september 2013

America's cup, what could be next

Congratulations Oracle team USA.

Congratulations Organizers for this super exiting new sailing format.
It feels like America's cup sailing has found its place in our time, for more than the sailing geek or tech geek.
Super entertainment with high tech.
For me much better than te boring F1 which has sold its soul to commerce.

What could be next?

- San Fransisco as venue.
- The youtube broadcasting.
- The overlays.
- The sailing course adapted to the speed potential of the AC72's

What can be improved upon:
- The Louis Vuitton cup racing, basically only Luna Rossa was a bit ready to race and the other teams were not ready yet.
- The defenders preparation always has been a problem in the America's cup as they can only race against their "own".
- The breaking off of the races due te increasing windspeed was a bit theoretical. Although the fatal accidents should of course be avoided

Next cup challenge:
- Next year!
- Same design rules (AC72) with some slight changes to increase overall speed.
- Allow rear foil control and ride-height control for upwind foiling and outright speed.

What absolutely not to do:
- Absolutely do not go for one-design races.
- Don't go back to keelboats, or monohulls.
- Go for light wind.