zondag 14 juni 2015

Thermik XXXL

Full house eclectric glider.

My new Challenge:
Thermik XXXL  (Schiemer / Valenta link to baubericht ) is my new challenge in flying and building. at the moment I started with the wiring harness for this full house glider.

Spektrum (website)  DX9 DSMX  transmitter with AR9020 9-channel receiver, with full telemetry TM1000 DSMX,
8 Hitec (website) HS-5125MG ultra flat wing servos and Hitec elevator and rudder servo's .
Hacker (website) B50 XL 6.7:1 with X-70-SB-Pro 2.6S speed controller, Topfuel LiPo 30C 3400mAh 6S, CFK-Prop RFM 23x12, Spinner RFM 40x6mm

Wiring harness:

Made two versions of the wiring harness the first to test and setup the transmitter receiver, servo, telemetry system. The mixing of the servo's was also done this way, easy to see and do (even with the left right swap as I used a looking up to the wing viewing direction.
The second version with all the wires to be installed in the plane and the wing fuselage connection, a 25 pin version, to allow me to later change to a system where all ailerons can be controlled seperately, now the spoilers and inner flaps are on a Y-wire harness. One servo in each Y-harness reversed.

 above image from this youtube movie.