donderdag 3 januari 2013

Artificial Wave

Artificial Wave

In several ways artificial surf waves are produced, from surf pool wave (water or air accumulator (burst) systems), indoor wave (high velocity, shallow water flow).
Now there is a very interesting French development of a wave lake in the Pyrenees.
They call it wave garden.
(how it works --> below)

The:  wavegarden website.
A youtube :  movie of the wave garden.

How it workspatents online
Very clever how it works. Pulling this wedge shape (see below) along the bottom is probably a much more energy efficient than the pump/water burst wave pools others have developed.
Particularly as the wave is re-energized continously through the wedge. The "burst" systems loose energy from the start, resulting in a low energy, depleting wave.

If they further develop the system, where this wave wedge loops around like one of those ski/wakeboard cable parks and add several wedges they will have a super surfpark.
Waves when and where you want.
Also increasing speed and size of the wedge will increase the waveheight. Interesting concept!!

Interestingly there is already a competitor of the wavegarden with a multi wave concept system. At surfpark central.