donderdag 17 januari 2013

Streamlined Electric Motorcycle

Streamlined Electric Motorcycle, evolution

Just made a little clip of the Streamlined Electric Motorcycle and it evolution, before I will upload it to youtube, here is a preview.

Renderings of the design.

The design is based on 1950's motorcars with as an extra objective decreasing the frontal ares as much as possible and producing a smooth yet angular design. The angles are essential to mitigate the lift producing qualities of a smooth airfoil type shape.
The front window now allows for a small window wiper. There are no mirrors ons the design as camera's are more than accepatble to do the job of providing a rearview.
The extreme wasp paintscheme  makes the SEM stand out more (hopefully), which is required due to is diminuitive size.

This rendering of the inside of de SEM with landing gear up shows the very large batterypack underneath the driver and the short front- and rear-fork arrangements. The motor is the large Agni 35Kw motor which is under development.
Control and monitoring is through 2 tablet pc's on one of which the rearview camera presents an 150dgr angle view out the back window. This tablet also presents realtime googlemaps position and route-planning information.

A suicide door for ease of getting out and as the doorlocks are much more reliable a safe option.
The landing gear is controlled by a hand lever, via push-pull cables, as with a motorcycle, the driver is responsible for staying upright. The width of the landing gear is sufficient to prevent rollover on a limited incline.

 Hub center steering to decrease the required height in front and to optimize spring and damping action of the shock-absorbers and springs.
The design shown is for a two-sided frontfork, a single sided frontfork with an a-symmetric hub is under design and expected to make more efficient use of space in the hub.

More to come.