donderdag 14 februari 2013

KIA Rio Aero

This eco modding has made me thinking what if ...
one would take a new car with good fuel efficiency and optimize the aerodynamics without going crazy.

I picked the Kia Rio and changed its rear end dramatically, still only 1.07m longer, but without changing any of its mechanics, although a narrower wheel width in the rear would be much better, now the width has to increase to include the wheels in the aerodynamic shape.
Of course the bottom of the whole vehicle is sheeted smooth.

The results can be seen below and once more in a little youtube movie of the 3d kia rio aero.

What would I stil improve :
- increase the length still more, for smoother aerodynamic exit.
- decrease the rear witdh directly aft of the driver seat by decreasing the width of the rear wheels
- mod the front, closing the openings, leaving only openings in the shape of Naca ducts which can be  opened and closed.
- mod the shape of the front a bit.
- change to electric drive.

enjoy, maybe an extremer version will follow

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