woensdag 6 februari 2013

Sailing hydrofoil without hull

Le bateaux volant, the flying boat

The Swiss Mirabaud team, of Thomas Jundt, has been developing an 18ft hydrofoiling skiff form quite some time now.
I have been looking in my personal "archive" and the earliest pictures which I could find you see below. I remember how exited I was as at last someone was trying to T-foil something else than a multihull or a moth.

I am not going to present a timeline but a very interesting next phase was Mirabaud trying their hull less version. Obviously that has some drawbacks, as they needed to be towed to speed and any mistake would lead to another tow, some images below and there is an interesting youtube movie also.

Now they re-instated some kind of hull, small and consequently light, and the inevitable wingsail has emerged, quite a sophistcated craft they have produced.
Here is their website.

Here a nice youtube movie of them foiling.

and below some pictures.